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About us

Strategic and Geopolitical Issue in the Contemporary World is an annual international conference organized by Geopolitical Studies section of Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. Since 2011, this conference brings together experts interested in study of geopolitics to meet in the beautiful city of Prague and talk about major issues in the field.

7th Annual Conference

Topic: Violent Non-State Actors in the International Politics

Date: 10th November 2017

Location: Prague (venue TBC)

Abstract submission deadline:  31st August 2017 at conference_sgicw@pkfsvuk.cz

 Conference fee: None

Since the end of the Cold War, violent non-state actors present an increasingly topical threat to the international stability. No matter whether we speak about a rise of radical jihadism in the MENA region, drug-trefficking that turned the Central America into one of the most violent regions in the globe, or ethnonationalist struggles in the South Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa, these actors represent a shift in the power centre of the international politics. The increasing ability of these actors to control over means of violence, economic power and to provide rudimentary governance in areas with lack of state power is an important phenomenon of the contemporary geopolitics. We would like to invite scholars with the interest in the topics encompassed in the study of the violent non-state actors to present their contributions this November in Prague.

The topics covered among others include:

- VNSAs and security

- VNSAs and financing

- Coutnerinsurgency and coutnerterrorism on the political map

- VNSAs and state failure

- Proxy warfare

- VNSAs and territory

Previous years

2016 (BRICS)


2015 (Geopolitical importance of unrecognized states and territorial non-state actors: Causes and consequences of the border change in post-Cold War World)


Publication: Part of articles in ALPPI no. X based on conference contributions; part of the Unrecognized States and Secession in the 21st Century monography is based on the conference contributions.


2014 (Trends in Regional Conflicts and Cooperation)


2013 (Geopolitics of the 21st Century: Conflict or Cooperation?)









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