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About us

Strategic and Geopolitical Issue in the Contemporary World is an annual international conference organized by Geopolitical Studies section of Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague. Since 2011, this conference brings together experts interested in study of geopolitics to meet in the beautiful city of Prague and talk about major issues in the field.

8th Annual Conference

Topic: Secession in the Post-Truth, Post-Order World

Date: 9th November 2018

Location: Prague (venue TBC)

Abstract submission deadline: 31th August 2018 at

 Conference fee: None

Scotland, Crimea, Catalunia, Kurdistan establish only some examples of the secessionist attempts in the past few years. A phenomenon of secession is an aim of the academic research for quite a long period of time. Nevertheless, the contemporary developments in the international politics towards a post-truth, post-order nature of the global society present new challenges for the understanding of this phenomenon. The conference aims to present both theoretical and empirical research on the issue in order to enhance the understanding of secession in the age of disinformation, power shifts and political fragmentation.

Suggested topics include but are not restricted to:

- Disinformation and referenda on secession

- Approaches of the international community/great powers to secession

- Fragmentation of the political space as geopolitical strategy

- Nature of the contemporary secessionist attempts

- Self-determination vs. Territorial integrity

- Case studies

Contributions reflecting political, security, legal, or socio-economic aspects are welcome.

Previous years

2017 (Violent Non-State Actors in the International Politics)


2016 (BRICS)


2015 (Geopolitical importance of unrecognized states and territorial non-state actors: Causes and consequences of the border change in post-Cold War World)


Publication: Part of articles in ALPPI no. X based on conference contributions; part of the Unrecognized States and Secession in the 21st Century monography is based on the conference contributions.


2014 (Trends in Regional Conflicts and Cooperation)


2013 (Geopolitics of the 21st Century: Conflict or Cooperation?)









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